Gen 28, 2015

Attraversamenti Festival

Attraversamenti Festival is a cultural festival dedicated to the meeting between Italy and the Balkans.

Festival activities are held throughout the city of Ostuni for three days, during the first weekend of September 2014. The Festival promotes the exchange, interference, contamination of cultures, disciplines and methods. Crossings aspires to be a place where the realities converge and interact living strength of the two sides of the Adriatic. The project is built around a multidisciplinary perspective that tells the contemporary culture through its many manifestations, giving space to art, music, cinema, literature, but also the traditions and culinary excellence of Puglia and Balkan.

For the graphic design, the starting point was the point, unique symbol and malleable in a thousand ways, thanks its simplicity. The composition used as the main image of the identity of the festival wanted to represent a set of single units aim to represent only a global form  similar to Soffione. Creating ramifications and connections, in the exchange of information and data, the trails ,  all is to bring the correspondence and visual concept Soffione beautiful and delicate at the same time, discharging its pistil encouraging the creation of other flowers.

The communication campaign was national, with banners on big magazines like pagina99 or articles in the national press / local