Gen 26, 2015

Cotoni animati

Cotoni Animati is a transmedia project developed by the Collective Reizend Lab, precisely by Luigi Console and Andrea Corradi.
The desire to work together to create something unique, convinced us to explore the possibility of connecting textile and pixels, analog and digital through the management of multiple media, from screen print to processing.
Cotoni Animati  includes illustration, graphic design, printing craftsmanship, packaging and creative code. The connection between the techniques becomes deeper and the project takes form in a harmonious way.
Everything is built around a close exchange of feedback between graphic design and interaction design, to Illustrator to Processing. Once realized the graphic concept, we realize all the the graphics artworks for the project including posters and illustrations for t-shirts, minimal and iconic, develops the set of animations in Processing with a the same basic graphics, but made alive. The illustrations were handcraft printed in screen print by the collective on different textiles colors from pale yellow to emerald green, from orange to classic black and white, and arranged in bands for different color and gender.
The use of Processing was for create the effect of audio reactive and generative animations. Thanks to it, it was created an interactive show depending on the music, from electro to dub, from techno to jazz. During summer 2012, the project Cotoni Animati was hosted  in cities like Minervino Murge for “White Night” or Ad Aradeo always for the “White Night”, in  Music Club or at the Festival of Puglia and was accompanied by musicians like  Giorgio Albanese or producer like GABB ( KSD Records )













Poster Cotoni Animati

Poster Cotoni AnimatiPoster Cotoni Animati