Gen 26, 2015


FEELtro is an sustainable ashtray for beaches and marine zone . Easy assembly and customizable graphics, the pilot project was born in 2012 from an idea of the collective  Reizend LAB, which included Luigi Console , Andrea Corradi, Jonathan Goffredo, Rossella Tricarico  and Irene Osorio.
The project, with a custom pattern similar to fish scales and bird feathers, wants to create a feeling for the marine environment, bringing to the attention where you throw your trash or cigarettes. The finished cigarettes, are not recyclable and can be a danger for birds and marine species that can exchange it for food and are pollutants to the environment. WithFEELtro, you can do your part to preserve ambient! Mounting it in step 4 and adding sand in it, put it in the beach sand. Now use your FEELtro.

Before you leave the beach, you can pull up the FEELtro and sand go out by the hole at the base, leaving only the garbage and finished cigarettes. Simply, no?
Feeltro and his claim “FEEltra NATURE” playing between the meaning of Feel and filter, is designed on FSC paper and inks are vegetable based. The pilot project, with the moral support and Patronage of the Lega Ambiente Puglia Puglia, was distributed for free on the beaches of the apulian coast and inCoastal Dunes Marine Park (Br).