Apr 25, 2015

People Views

This project is an effort in archiving a number of shots of people who have happened to be photographed and put online on Street View. We noticed that many people were interested in finding the craziest or weirdest behavior framed on Google Street View. We noticed that while everyone was searching for the “strange”, we were missing the obvious, we were missing all of the people who happend to stare in the eye of Google all seeing eye. We wish to preserve these photos in a critical way, as we believe that the attempt of Google of bluring those people faces is very lame as in many cities of medium/small size people are very recognizable, too easy to identify.

So, we are able to collect and archive those photos of people, creating a dedicated index and sharing them out from Google Street View. Also, we are preserving those “wrong” shots, photos that will get lost once Google will update their planet mapping, we are preserving those photos as one day those pics could be lost and we thought to preserve them for future generations to see. Of course, Google Street View will might change the technique of mapping with more actual technologies, the cities will probably change in better or in worst and we believe that to frame those people in those particular surroundings would act as a form of digital archeology of the mapping at the present moment of our research and those contents available now and with the tools made available by Google Earth Pro Who knows how Google Earth will change?

Google Earth Pro was available at a very expensive price and now it’s free, maybe Google is thinking about something new? Maybe Google Earth will become obsolete and a new project will be made available. Well, these are the ideas that brought us to make this project. We see this project as an archeological archive of Google Earth tools and contents.

Capetown (South Africa)









































Pattaya (THAI)






















Bari (IT)











People Views is a project from MightyKongBot – Dirty new media artists – http://mightykongbot.tumblr.com/

Link to project: http://peopleviews.tumblr.com/