The project, developed during the course of Visual Identity held by Daniele Barbiero,  during the Master in Visual Design, is about the development of the corporate identity of Generation 10, alternative politic group with a manifesto that touches burning themes such as euthanasia and police violence. The design is intended to be concise and incisive through the use of pictograms and unconventional color combinations based on the strong contrast. To a greater impact of the message, for the print of pictograms was used the screen printwith fluorescent colors for the pictograms. Following the design of the five posters, was designed a book on the entire project, from historical research to the viewing platform, the design and construction of the pictograms to the final poster.

• Scuola Politecnica di Design

• Poster 35 x50

• Print BG 4 color plotter

• Screen Print for fluorescent pictograms