This works centers around the city as a place and a metaphor which is explored through photographs and infographic applications .

The editorial project, developed during the academic year, with tutors like Luciano Perondi for infographic application, Paolo Tassinari for Editorial Design and Paolo Riolzi for photography, to narrate a trip, chosen from a literary text. The literature chosen is “Lizard” of  Banana Yoshimoto.  The story is about a travel in metro, returning from work. This trip is different from the usual. A vision, a vision that breaks the routine, which distinguishes this day from all others. An unexpected trail. The concept of the book was the the disorder in the normality. Through the inclusion of a element of displacements, at certain times in the hour when the Metro of Milan is full of students and working people, we analyzed the different reaction of the passengers, from indifference to the curious, by those who made a photo and who was smiling, all is documented by photographs, where you can see the different reactions of people in the metro. It was created as a disturbing element in the routine of the normal  journey and evaluated how this can be “disturbed” and stopped.

The originality of the project combined with the stylistic coeherence of design between different mediums (editorial design, photography, infographic) have awarded the project. In addition to being published in student projects in the gallery advertising the Polytechnic School of Design, the project was also nominated by the Scuola Politecnica di Design for the publication of Young ADI Design Index 2012

· 8 pag

· 16 × 23 cm

· Editorial / photographs / infographic

· Work group with Giorgio Chatzikostis Link to School Gallery