The project was about the realization of the graphic identity for the series EMI CLASSIC Remastered, 20 CDs dedicated to the great works of classical music and opera. Based on the concept of remastering, technique to emphasize sounds and frequencies not allowed by studio recordings dated in those year, it was decided to apply the same process to the graphics, without altering the content.

Referring to the historical periods and the importance of the works and composition of the genre, it was decided to use as base great paintings of different classic artistic currents, without altering any element, simulating a remastering graphics,enhancing colors and elements.

Working on a geometric pattern, consistent and modular, and using the overlap of the pattern, it exalted tones and saturation. It has gotten so a graphic result that does not alter the picture, as the remastering for sound, but enhances moments, color and hue. The graphic identity and the concept of contextualization Remaster graphics have awarded the project, which is published in the student projects in the gallery dedicate to advertising for new students, of Scuola Politecnica di Design.
·EMI & Spd

·Workgroup with Giorgio Chatzikostis – I. Chen -V. Borhina / Link to gallery