Light installation


Love is contagious! But what did Luigi and Valentina warn us about entering a “danger zone”? They probably meant to say that love is transmittable. Or that we tend to lose control when in love. Or perhaps that when we’re enamored, we change our known, secure life for something that is uncertain and vulnerable. Should we be wary about any of this?

What does love mean in times of individuality and loose connections, of polarization and self interest? “The work is a subtle ambiguous comment on the contemporary status of love”, says jury member Tim Molloy. “It is a simultaneously catchy and enigmatic statement about love in the XXI century. An entirely appropriate ‘trip advisor’ comment referring to Amsterdam’s unique visitor status – the image of free sexuality, for instance. Also,  like all good pop songs, the title revels in multi-lingual wordplay.”

The Italian artists make their romantic statement in several languages, referring to the international character of the city. Amsterdam is a melting pot and has a mixed identity. Both residents and visitors contribute in their own way, in their own language. The message though, might also have different and unexpected meanings in every language. Other cultures than your own might have other ideas about the meaning of ‘Together’, don’t you think?

The use of language has always played an important role within light art,” says jury member John Jaspers. “Internationally renowned light artists such as, Tracey Emin, Bruce Naumann or Joseph Kosuth and many others made use of language and meaning. TOGETHER is an imposing structure, showing a wide range of words, both in meaning as in color. The words light up one by one, trigger the audience in the sense that they will bring many associations to each viewer.  At certain moments, all words will be lit up simultaneously, making the installation seem like a light painting. The selected vocabulary, the colors and the size make of Together an enjoyable piece of work.

Together | Light installation created for Amsterdam Light Festival

Idea, 3D HI Res renders, & Led animations:

Luigi Console

Idea & relational design

 Valentina Novembre

Technical director, Build-up, electronics & dmx programming

Daniele Motolese aka Pixel
Nicola Befanini (for build-up)

Structural Design & 3d technical renders:
Patrizio Mozzicafreddo

3D hand made plexiglass letters

Claudio Leone Design (claudioleonedesign.it)

Exhibition of Together

017|018 Lausanne Lumieres | Lausanne CH 

016 | 017 Amsterdam Light Festival | Amsterdam NL