Apr 25, 2015


Manyfaces, many voices, noises. Recognizable but indistiguinshable, noises. My life, my generati0n, my status symbol. My image, my world, my obsession. I don’t really care. I want more.

Acting, posing, faking. Playing, seducting, confessing. My story. You want more.

This is my face. This is my voice. You can see me. You can’t catch me. I can move fast. I am everywhere. You can’t stop me. I live on screens. My life is the light. Y0u can’t turn me off. I live in the palm of your hand. You can’t put me down. I need you. You need me. I am one. I am thousands. I am you. I am others. I am n0b0dy.

Selfie is as an entity made of many identities. Video selfie is the ultimate augmented selfie experience. Photos are fine, vide0s are better. Everybody got something to show. Everybody got something to say.

R4\/\D0/\/\.r/\/\x is a project from MightyKongBot – Dirty new media artists – http://mightykongbot.tumblr.com/


Selected at FILMIDEO 2015 – 10th Annual Film and Video Screenings Index Art Center – Newark USA